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What is Draining Your Battery?

One of the best new features of iOS 8 is the ability to see how apps are utilizing your battery. Users have the ability to see what apps are being battery hogs and quickly change the settings for those apps or the iPhone or iPad in general to ease some of the battery use.

How to Check Your Battery Usage

– Click on the Settings button
– Go to General –> Usage –>Battery Usage

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One of the biggest battery hogs on an iOS device can be the Mail app. Mail has the ability to either FETCH or PUSH your messages to your phone. If your Mail accounts are set to PUSH, your device is constantly contacting the server to see if there are messages needing delivery to your device. If your Mail accounts are set to FETCH, the device will only ping the servers on a predefined interval set by you to check for messages. This uses far less battery to complete the task.


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