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Wearables for the Turf Industry

Earlier in the year, we featured an article about the Pebble Smartwatch and what this handy little gadget meant for the industry. Several months have passed and we now have a new iteration to the Pebble family—Google has announced Android Wear and we are hearing the ever increasing rumors about the ‘iWatch’. So, what does all this mean?

Back at CES 2014 (Consumer Electronics Show), we saw the Pebble Steel unveiled with a rather drastic design over-haul from it’s predecessor. The Pebble Steel has been extremely well received with the first shipment being sold out in a matter of hours after the unveiling. The less ‘sporty-look’ and more of a traditional looking watch design has played a big part in Pebble’s success within the wearable market, and some could say almost creating the landscape that it is in. With the addition of the Pebble App store, loading/managing apps for your Pebble has never been easier. The continued support and innovation makes the Pebble Steel the best Smartwatch available in the market today, and at $249 it’s certainly worth the price (review to come).

Of course with that success, it doesn’t go unnoticed and soon everyone wants a slice of the pie. In March, Google announced Android Wear which will be a modified version of it’s Mobile OS available on Smartwatches made by hardware partners LG, Asus, HTC, Motorola, Samsung and later in the year, Fossil. The OS will be heavily based on Google Now’s voice recognition, making it a much more intuitive experience.

The LG G Watch has surfaced of late amongst rumors & leaks and is expected to be officially shown off in the coming weeks at Google’s I/O on June 25-26. Not much is known about Google’s Wearables project, so we can’t speculate much, but stayed tuned to iTurfapps as once they’ve been unveiled, we’ll have more information.

Another manufacturer that has gone out on a limb and released their own Smartwatch is Samsung, with Galaxy Gear. The Galaxy Gear hasn’t been a terribly great success with a range of problems such as – short battery life, prone to water damage, inability to change the watch band and the fact that it’s limited to Samsung devices. All these problems resulted in a very short life span for the Galaxy Gear, forcing them to announce the Galaxy Gear 2 within a year. The Galaxy Gear 2 has been received slightly better with a few design changes and improvements to the usability, but is still restricted to Samsung devices. At $350, the Galaxy Gear 2 leaves a lot to be desired..

And, of course we can’t talk about Smartwatches and not mention Apple. It has long been rumored that Apple is working on their very own Smartwatch and with the recent unveiling of iOS 8, it certainly seems like we should be anticipating one. No date is announced for the next Apple keynote which will undoubtedly unveil the next iPhone and any other surprises they have for us!

Smartwatches are certainly a great accompaniment to your phone. They’re designed to have all the important information available to you at a glance, so you don’t waste time checking your emails, messages, missed calls and anything else you may need to know.

For more news on wearables and anything else tech, stay tuned to iTurfapps.com.

Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson
Since my debut as an apprentice greenkeeper (some seven years ago), I have forever been interested in the crossover between our industry and Technology. I try to have at least a brief understanding of most Tech, some more than others. My most knowledgeable aspect would be of mobile and mobile OS. My goal is to enlighten all that care to read, on some fairly simple how to's - to some more advanced stuff for the adventurous. Green keeper at Bonnie Doon Golf Club, Sydney, Australia.