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Using NeatDesk

What are your thoughts on NeatDesk?  I’m interested in reducing the amount of paper I have in the office, especially invoices which I like to have an accessible copy of to refer to later.

I have used the Neat scanners before.  I was never really a fan of their desktop software.  Now granted the last time I used Neat was a few years ago.  They may have improved the interface by now.  I know they also offer a mobile version of their software to access the scans from the cloud.

I’m more of a fan of Fujitsu scanners.  They also make desktop and portable scanners.  I like Fujitsu better, because their software is more flexible.  You can scan documents to a specific file as a PDF of jpeg.  You can also scan docs to a specific application on your computer.  In my case I scan almost all my documents to Evernote.  More specifically my invoices right to my invoices notebook.

Another great option is Doxie scanners. The scanners are portable and rechargeable.  The Doxie scanners allow you to scan to their software via usb cable. Also, scan to usb flash drive or SD card.  Doxie also has the ability to scan directly to an iPad via usb cable and iPad usb connection kit dongle.


You can make Evernote as much work as you want. During the busy golf season I generally scan everything into an Evernote notebook called inbox. You can set up a default location for new notes. 
Then maybe once a week or so I go thru the inbox and move notes to their respective notebooks. I also use Tags for each note. All our invoices have PO#s. So, when I need to find a note, I search for either the vendor name or PO tag. 
Neat is a good system in how it recognizes different documents. I just have not used it for some years. I do know if you use Neat you can create folders. Then you can run a report for a specific set of folders at any time. For let’s says you been scanning Toro invoices into a folder. You can run a report to see how much $ was spent with Toro during the specified time period. 


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