Posted July 24, 2015 by Greensuper in Tech 911

Update or wait?

My two year agreement is up and I want to upgrade to the iPhone 6. Should I upgrade to the 6 now or wait until the new phone arrives?


Apple has been religious regarding their yearly update rollout of products. We would be shocked if we didn’t see a mid cycle iPhone 6, mostly likely called the iPhone 6s. From a business standpoint, we suggest waiting. The rollout will probably be late September, first week of October for the new phone. When the 6s is released the price of the 6 will drop. If you are happy with the 6 and wait, you won’t pay the $199 you would now.

Features to consider

Some features that have been leaked from  9 to 5 Mac include; bigger processor, force touch screen and possible multi tasking abilities similar to what will be available with the iOS 9 and iPad Air 2 combination. Some folks are beginning to abandon upgrading mid model iPhones as the hassle of selling on eBay to recoup your $$$ to purchase a new one with minor upgrades, just isn’t worth it. Personally our answer would be to wait. iOS 9 will be arriving this fall as well with some great new features for the iPhone 6.


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