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Tech 911: Google Forms Question

I had the opportunity to sit in on your seminar at OTF titled “Apps to Add to Your Toolbelt”.  I thought that the class was very informative and beneficial for myself in regards to introducing more technology in the Great Parks system.  One aspect I found very interesting was the use of Google Forms.  I went home and played around with it a little bit.  During your presentation you showed an app icon on your iPad that was a link to your form about Soil Moisture.  I was wondering how you were able to make that app?  I would like to create something similar for us to use with our TDR and iPad by multiple members of the staff.  I want to allow users to select the values from the form but not make changes to the format of the form itself.  I am hoping you might have some tips for me to develop this form.

 A google form is a simple website and has it’s on web address that will not change.  To get my form on my home screen as a web app, I would load the form in safari on my iPad or iPhone and then save my webpage to my home screen.  I am not sure what version of iOS you have so it is hard for me to give you step by step directions.  if you provide me what version, I can get you better directions on how to do it.  

When you create a form, the only thing others can do is complete the questions on the form.  They are not able to alter what the form is actually asking or the format of the form.

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