Posted October 12, 2013 by Greensuper in Technology

Tech 911: Google Forms Notifications

Trying to see if you can help, how do I get an e-mail notification when someone fills in a form and can I add more than one recipient to be contacted?

You can easily add notifications to your forms.  You need to go to the form’s response sheet, not the form.  Along the top of the sheet where it says File, Edit, View….  You need to go to Tools.  In that drop down menu you will see Notification Rule…  Click on this and you can setup your rules for notifications.
To have an additional person be contacted, you will need to share the response form with them first, then they would go through and setup their own notifications.  They can’t be notified if they don’t have access to the responses.  Remember you can customize the permissions of any sheet you share.  If you want the person to just be able to view responses so they can’t alter anything, you can do that.
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