Posted February 12, 2014 by Greensuper in Tech 911

Tech 911: Copyright issues and Youtube

I have recently recreated my first GoPro video and have it uploaded to my YouTube channel, but after trying to view it on a mobile device, it says that because of copyrighted material I can’t view it on these devices. I have bought both of these both through Amazon and when I go under the syndication tab in the video settings, it doesn’t allow me to change it back so it’s viewable on these devices. I didn’t know if I made an error uploading the video or not.  Any help would be appreciated.

YouTube is really starting to crack down on copyrighted music.  When you purchase music through iTunes or Amazon, it gives a user the right to play on their personal devices.  What it technically doesn’t permit, is the play publicly.  Turf Republic is going to more royalty free music so we don’t get that issue with YouTube.  If you still have the video in your video creation program, I would change the music and republish.  With greater technology to recognize file types, this issue is only going to get worse with video services like YouTube.


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