Posted April 8, 2014 by Bob Porter in Tech 911

Tech 911: Can Google Docs Be Locked When Shared

We are converting our maintenance documents over to Google Drive. If I share a sheet or doc with someone can they forward it to someone else? For example, I want to share our budget with the Greens Committee, but I don’t want the committee to share it with anyone else.

This is a question we are asked often. The answer is YES! It is actually very easy to lock and share your Google Docs. Once in a document or sheet click the green share button in the upper right corner of the tool bar. Once clicked you are presented with a “Who has access” box. The default setting is set to “Private only you can access”. Just to the right is a “Change” option. Here you can choose from Public on Web, Anyone with Link or Specific Person (this is the private setting).

Below the who has access section is “Invite people”. Here you type in each persons email you want to share. If you want to share with a group of people and give them all the same permissions enter them all in the same box. But, if you want to give access per person you need to add each individuals email seperately. To do that you need to enter the email and click “send”. Then go back to the share button and do the same process over for each individual. If your document gets forwarded to someone you did not intend, you will receive an email asking you to grant access for that person. You can allow or deny.

That is how you share and manage permissions in Google Drive.

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Bob Porter
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