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Have a Turf video….Share it with US!

 Share your turf videos with us…..iTurf Apps Live Community Youtube Channel.  I’m sure many of you that are reading this are tech savvy individuals. If you’re not tech savvy, then you’re interested in becoming tech savvy....
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Go High-tech with MyTurf™

The techie I am, I love when companies come out with great innovative products.  Toro released MyTurf™ some time ago and I was lucky enough to try it.  We weren’t setup to try the wireless hour meters, but the other modul...

IPad on a Golf Utility Vehicle

If you have spend any time with a Golf Course Superintendent, you’ll know we are an ingenious lot. Many of us like to attach things, or augment our utility vehicles in some way. So, If your like me you have been racking y...