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Tech 911

Tech 911: Drone Regulations begin Dec 21st

It was only a matter of time and that time has come. Beginning December 21, 2015 if you own a drone or plan on purchasing a drone, you will have to register that drone with the FAA. The FAA is giving a grace period of 30 days o...

10app for iPhone, GoPro, & drone video editing

Hands down the best app to pair with your GoPro or drone to capture, edit and share footage directly from your smartphone. No more heading back to a computer to share that epic moment. A MUST HAVE app for those with GoPro cameras!


Hands down the best app to begin your training for your first 5k! Works a pace to develop your fitness level that doesn't leave you drained when you complete each training session.



One of the most comprehensive grounds management programs in the market. Manage your budget, staff, equipment, risk, IPM and BMP practices all from this app. The visual work orders are also a bonus to using this application.

Backed By Bayer

Backed By Bayer is a complete solution for turf mangers utilizing Bayer's products and solutions. If you are seeking solutions from Bayer, you will not have to leave the app to find them. Users diagnose a problem, find a soluti...
News and Info

DJI Releases Phantom 3

Another major announcement out of DJI yesterday with the release of the Phantom 3. The release came with some decent upgrades and if you haven’t purchased a drone for your property yet, this version may be worth a look. S...


Group direct messaging and native video come to Twitter

Last week Twitter rolled out two new services for their native Twitter app for both iOS and Android. Twitter has been historically slow to roll new features out, so was it the overwhelming cries from the public that helped push...

taskTracker Job Board

The most simple turn key digital job board for the golf course superintendent. Keep up-to-date in real time with your staff and easily run reports directly from any mobile device.

What’s On Your Tech?

Here at iTurfApps, we’d like to know what sort technology you use on a daily basis. So, I wanted to explore this little thing called “What’s on your tech?”. With the goal of not only sharing what sort of...


What is Draining Your Battery?

One of the best new features of iOS 8 is the ability to see how apps are utilizing your battery. Users have the ability to see what apps are being battery hogs and quickly change the settings for those apps or the iPhone or iPa...