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Tech 911

Tech 911: WiFi eating up data plans

iOS 9 was released about 2 weeks ago now and we had some questions come in to #Tech911 about one certain feature that is breaking the bank for some users. Thank you @campbellturf for sharing. @iturfapps seen this with ios 9 htt...

What’s On Your Tech?

Here at iTurfApps, we’d like to know what sort technology you use on a daily basis. So, I wanted to explore this little thing called “What’s on your tech?”. With the goal of not only sharing what sort of...

Solutions: Dealing with iPhone Battery Drain

The team at iTurfapps provides some quick solutions to help maintain better battery life on your iPhone. Need help with other technology issues reach out on our Tech 911.


Pebble Smartwatch

The Smartwatch market is a very HOT topic these days. With manufacturers like Sony, FitBit, Samsung and Martian throwing their hats in the ring. Probably, the first and most popular brand is Pebble. Pebble is the perfect Turf M...

“Other” Content on iPhone

When I plug in my iPhone to my laptop and view what’s on it through Itunes, what is the ‘Other’ content that’s on my phone mean? How do I manage it? “Other” represents things such as browser ...
News and Info

Apple Sets Clear Direction for Future

Today, Apple held what has become it’s annual Fall Announcement Event.  Or, maybe better referred to as the “just in time for the holidays event”. Todays live streamed event brings us updates to the Mac Pro an...


Tech 911: iPad or Surface and Why?

iPad or Surface and why? I use Microsoft office, especially Excel with macros. Glad to help with this.  From an mobile integration standpoint and having apps available to for your mobile device, an iPad would be the way to go. ...
How To's

Sometimes a Hard Reset Does the Trick

I am sure, by now, you are familiar enough with your iPhone or iPad that you have experienced a glitch or two while using your device. Maybe that email wouldn’t send, or after hanging up from a call it thought you were st...
How To's

Cracked device?

Has your iPhone or iPad screen ever cracked and you didn’t purchase that pesky insurance? Three options. Live with it, go to Apple and hope you get someone “nice” to replace, or try to get it repaired. Well, r...

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All I want for Christmas….

I remember one Christmas very clearly from my childhood, this was the Christmas of Nintendo.  I remember it like it was yesterday and I remember playing hours and hours of Super Mario Brothers until the stores opened and I coul...