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Golf Industry Show: Technology to look for

The week the Golf Industry Show kicks off this morning. While many of you are sitting in seminars and sessions, we wanted to give you a little something to wet your appetite for the Trade Show on Wednesday and Thursday with a l...

Big updates for Coverage System application

On the eve of the Golf Industry Show, the Coverage System application has seen some major updates! Check out the video above which discusses all the updates and new features. Be sure to stop by and see Playbooks for Golf at boo...
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Tech 911: Best Drone

We are doing a renovation next summer and have been approved for purchase of a camera for time lapse video and a drone to do flyovers.  Any suggestions on cameras and drones for $2000 or less? Answer: DJI is actually offering s...


My Top 5 Android Apps.

The following is a list of the top five apps that I use the most everyday. Now, these may not be the highest rated or most downloaded apps, but they’re the ones that I find to be the most productive for what I want done. ...

iTurf Apps at Golf Industry Show

I can remember it like it was yesterday, the first Golf Industry Show I presented at in 2010.  The iPhone 3GS had just come out and I was in a little booth called the Test Drive Technology Center.  There were a couple of iMacs,...

Evernote 5 Goes LIVE!

Evernote 5 for Mac exits beta, is now live in the Mac App Store   Back at the beginning of the month, when Evernote 5 for Mac launched in beta, the app’s creators warned users that they could suffer data corruption, ...

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iTurf Apps
iTurf Apps
iTurf Apps

Have a Turf video….Share it with US!

 Share your turf videos with us…..iTurf Apps Live Community Youtube Channel.  I’m sure many of you that are reading this are tech savvy individuals. If you’re not tech savvy, then you’re interested in becoming tech savvy....
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Go High-tech with MyTurf™

The techie I am, I love when companies come out with great innovative products.  Toro released MyTurf™ some time ago and I was lucky enough to try it.  We weren’t setup to try the wireless hour meters, but the other modul...
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Cloud Storage – Keep the Course on Your Hip

I was a religious Blackberry user for many years.  The device had so many positives, one of the biggest was the use of Documents To Go.  Utilizing my Blackberry, I could create, receive via email, edit and send documents from a...


IPad on a Golf Utility Vehicle

If you have spend any time with a Golf Course Superintendent, you’ll know we are an ingenious lot. Many of us like to attach things, or augment our utility vehicles in some way. So, If your like me you have been racking y...