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This app is perfect for properties or individuals who can't afford to have their properties mapped. Quickly measure areas, find lenghts or map out some improvements on the course. One of the best features of this app is the a...

APVMA – Australia Pesticides and Vet Medicine Authority

This is a MUST have app for turf managers in Australia. With as technical and regulated industry we work in, having access to product labels and permits in the palm of your hand creates efficiencies and ensures compliance.


Quickoffice is currently the BEST application to view/create edit Microsoft Office documents and PDFs. No need to worry about complex Excel files, Quickoffice has the power to handle these. Stay in the field longer and out of...


Mobile Weed Manual

This is a great app for the turf manager tool belt. It is provides a great resource to quickly determine solutions in the field for your weed management. The desirable species tolerance is a great addition to the app to help ...


If you are managing turf, this is a MUST have app for you....PERIOD! Turfpath will bring a world wide network of turf professionals to the palm of your hand.

Sun Seeker

This app has become a very powerful tool for turf managers to handle one of the most political issues on their property, tree management. This app will provide the superintendent with an objective, factual representation on ho...


Rain Gauge

Collects rain data on your phone! Not your exact site, but close enough using your zip code, Rain Gauge will update frequently to give you up to date rainfall data. It portrays data history in clean and easy to read graphs as w...

Precision Mix Tank

Although designed for the Agricultural industry, this should be an app you keep by your side. There are some features in this app that do pertain to turf and provide a great tool for the turfgrass manager.


This is a great forecasting tool for turf managers. The data provided by this app can mean the difference between finish fertilizing or heading to the shed.


iOS Email Tips- Drafts and Images

In iOS 6 dealing with draft emails received a nice little feature.  Do you tend to start writing an email and save it to later finish your thoughts?  Now those drafts are a little easier to access in the current version of iOS ...