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Symmetry with your devices…

Are you reading this on your iPhone, iPad, or “desktop”? So, you’ve upgraded to an Apple phone, went out and bought an Apple tablet, and now you’re staring at Windows everytime you sit down in the office. Sure, it works just fine, but you just came back into the shop during coffee break and you want to write a blog post concerning the new tee being built on 5. You did have the convenience to take great pictures with your phone, but because you’re still using Windows, you have to acually take the time to email all of the pictures to yourself. Well, I suppose you could just add them to Dropbox, Box.net, or another cloud, but if you were operating an Apple desktop, those photos would magically appear in your Photo Stream. Remember that weird photo album that popped up a year ago on your iPhone that seemed to just be copying every picture you took? Well, Photo Stream is just one of the MANY symmetrical features you experience when Apple devices are used for every platform. iMessage, iCal, Reminders, and of course don’t forget iCloud in general are some of the biggest friends that interact seemlessly across each device no matter how big or small. Now, I can already hear you stating that an iMac is $$$$. Yes, an iMac can be pretty expensive for the simple uses that a Superintendent will utilize a desktop for. That is why the Mac mini is the perfect option. It does need an external display, but it’s price and size can’t be beat for the operating system you get. At only $600, a 500GB hard drive and dimesions that are smaller (LxW) than an iPad, it can literally be brought anywhere and plugged into any display. The simple upgrade from 2GB of RAM to 8GB of RAM for only $50 turns your Mac mini into an exceptionally fast and great machine. Now that I’ve convinced you to purchase one, I will explain ways to overcome the overwhelming idea that none of your files will be transferrable.

There are many options available to transfer files from Windows to OS X. One major way is Google. By activating a Google account, all of your files on your PC can be uploaded straight to Google and used with your new Mac. Another quick and easy way is to add all of your important files to Dropbox. If you do this, I suggest downloading Openoffice.org for free. This is simialr to Microsoft Office and will actually allow for any Microsoft Office document to be viewed in its native format right on your new Mac. If you’re still unsure about this whole Apple desktop thing and want to periodically revert back to a Windows screen, the program, “Parallels”, will allow you to switch back and forth. The most ensuring way to transfer files is to purchase an external hard drive and copy all of the files from your PC and then load into your new Mac. I have done all of these options. I even keep my PC tower plugged in and have the VGA cable ready just in case I forgot that “one” file. I have all files transferred into Google, Dropbox, and an external hard drive. My Mac mini is a base line model but it has the RAM upgrade to 8GB.

If you like your iPhone and your iPad, and you’re still wondering about the idea of converting the desktop from PC to Mac, I say “do it”. You won’t be disappointed.

-Jason VanBuskirk

Jason VanBuskirk

Jason VanBuskirk
Class A Golf Course Superintendent at Stow Acres Country Club located in Stow, MA. Apple Fanatic and Contributor for iTurf Apps and iTurf Apps Live Podcasts.