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Removing Scratches from Devices

We spend lots of hard earned money on our mobile devices. What once was kept in our pocket until we heard it ring, is now an integral part of our operation.  As much as we use these devices and the environment we use them in, they are bound to get some dings and scratches.  Although larger cracks or breaks should be handled by the manufacturer, here are some DIY solutions courtesy of the team at Mashable for minor dings and scratches to your mobile devices.

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1. Toothpaste

– Dab small amount on cloth or cotton swab. Must be clean

– Rub gently until scratch is removed

– Wipe excess off screen

2. Sand paper

This is best for scratches on the back of the phone.  Be sure to use a fine sandpaper for this as a more coarse will be too abrasive.  When doing this, be sure to be gentle and check often to see you aren’t further damaging the phone.

3. Car Creams

A good car wax can help remove minor scratches, but be sure to apply gently. Apply like you would on a car with a clean cloth and wipe excess off.

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We think these are the best options to remove minor scratches to your screen or other areas of your mobile device.  Be sure to do these with care as getting to aggressive will only further damage your device.  To check out the full list of DIY scratch repairs check out this article from Mashable.


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