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Pebble Smartwatch

The Smartwatch market is a very HOT topic these days. With manufacturers like Sony, FitBit, Samsung and Martian throwing their hats in the ring. Probably, the first and most popular brand is Pebble.

Pebble is the perfect Turf Managers companion.  So, what the heck is it? At it’s core it’s a watch that is durable and completely waterproof to 5 meters. But, upon further inspection it is much more than a watch. The Pebble connects via low power bluetooth to Android and iOS phones. Once connected the Pebble can do several things without any set up. You can answer calls, get notifications and control your music. While you cannot speak into the Pebble you can push a button to answer or decline calls. The watch vibrates each time you get a phone call, text, calendar alert, reminder, etc.  The Pebble will allow you to leave your phone in your pocket while completing tasks on the course.

There is a rapidly growing third party app market that will help transform the Pebble into a much more useful device. Right now the apps are in the form of watch faces.

They include:
– Stand-alone watch faces
– Apps or watch faces the integrate with existing phone apps
– Apps that have their own Pebble functionality

The simple watch faces are just that. They display time and date in one form or another. It may have a face from Star Wars, Apple, cartoons, or your favorite sport.

App integration on iOS and Android generally is in the form of scrolling thru information on the Pebble. For example you can scroll thru your music, play, pause and advance songs. Adding an app like Smartwatch+ to your Pebble gives you the ability to view calendar events, reminders lists, and weather. This type of app represents the largest segment of apps in development.

The third segment of apps are existing iOS or Android apps. Apps like Runkeeper, Camera or GPS have built-in support for Pebble. While the list of apps with Pebble support are limited, they are growing quickly.

As of this writing, Pebble is set to launch a new appstore as early as this week. Major companies like GoPro, ESPN, Yelp, and Foursquare are said to be on the initial list of offerings.

I have followed the Pebble story since it showed up on Kickstarter. What the Pebble can do has continued to advance rapidly from the day it was launched. There looks to be a very bright future for Pebble as developers are busily working on new apps and integrations. This could be just the beginning!

Pebble the Beginning:
Pebble first came to worldwide attention on the crowd source funding website Kickstater. It was first shown on the site merely as an idea in very early development. Well, the idea very quickly gained traction and funding. The developers started the Kickstarter campaign asking for an initial investment goal from backers of $100,000. To their amazement about 30 days into their campaign they had raised over 10 million dollars. To date the makers have sold about 250,000-300,000 units.

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