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On The Go: Using Google Drive to Assign Tasks

Using Google Drive in the workplace can be extremely powerful and convenient. Outside of controlling a “real-time” operating budget, tracking labor hours, fuel usage, irrigation repair, equipment repair, and product inventory; Google Drive can also be utilized to setup a job board right in your shop. Yes, an external computer will be needed, but once this computer and monitor is setup, you can control this job board from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Just imagine that it is 9am and you are the farthest point from your shop. You didn’t have a chance to set second jobs for the staff or more importantly there needs to be a change to a few jobs. As long as you have a smart phone or tablet, you can pull up that “job board” file in Google Drive and change the information. This change will appear immediately on your shop computer, allowing employees to only have to check the shop computer for new jobs. Google does this through cloud collaboration. Here is a sample of a Google Drive Job Board using Google Spreadsheets, data validation, and conditional formatting:

Notice in the top right corner there is a note that there are 3 other viewers. Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 3.10.58 PMUsing Google Drive spreadsheets is convenient because you can allow other staff members access to edit the Job Board. All key members of the management can have full access to change jobs or add notes to individual jobs.

Google also archives the changes for you. So, if your morning jobs stay the same for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you just revert to the archived copy, entering the new information for the Job Board in seconds. Also take note of the multiple sheets at the bottom. These sheets allow you to create job boards for multiple occasions such as: morning jobs, second jobs, the weekend jobs, and maybe even important events that you would like to plan for ahead of time. Whatever sheet you click on is viewable by the staff in the shop.

Another convenience and power about Google Drive is that the files can be embedded. You could embed the job board file into your blog. You could choose to password protect this page so that only staff can access the job board from a smart phone or make the page public so members can stay up to date on what is being done on a day to day basis. Here is a sample:

Job board blog


This embedded file on your blog will update automatically every five minutes. Using Google Drive to create your job board is sure to increase efficiency and productivity in your work place. It is also sure to lower your stress level and allow your core team to be just a bit more organized.

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