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Not if….but WHEN!

I have given several Social Media talks over the last year, demonstrating utilization of the various platforms in the turfgrass industry.  As turfgrass professionals, heck as just professionals, we are always looking for that edge.  Staying on top, being innovative is a must in this industry and our communication style is just as important as our agronomy skills.

During many of my talks I hear the same argument, “I don’t have time to learn something new.”  “My members don’t use Social Media.”  This is a very powerful video.  We must realize that this is not a fad….this is the real deal.  If we don’t want to adapt and begin to use Social Media, those in line behind us will.

Thank you to Golf Course Industry Magazine for their recent post on the Social Media Panel discussion at OTF in late 2011.  The opening to their video featured the video above.  It is a powerful reminder or eye opener to how Social Media is changing how we communicate.    Not if…but WHEN will you adapt!

If you are looking to get started in the realm of Social Media, let me know, we can help!  I will also be speaking at the GIS Show in Las Vegas on this very topic!  Look forward to hearing from you and seeing everyone again at GIS.

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