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My Top 5 Android Apps.

The following is a list of the top five apps that I use the most everyday. Now, these may not be the highest rated or most downloaded apps, but they’re the ones that I find to be the most productive for what I want done.

Google Hangouts

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With a recent update to the Android app, Hangouts has become my go-to messaging app. It has a very appealing GUI, and I also find it to be one of most reliable and easy-to-use messaging apps on the Google Playstore.



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 There are several news aggregator/RSS feed apps available on the Playstore, but I find Flipboard to be the most intuitive to get all the latest news. Just like any other RSS feed, you can choose from almost any source as a category—mine range from technology to golf courses to Thailand images.


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 I find Dropbox to be an incredibly handy tool for sharing files, images and videos between my devices. As with many other cloud storage services, Dropbox has the ability to auto-upload images taken from your camera, directly to the cloud. I use several mobile phones, tablets and PC’s, so to have a picture that I have taken just a few minutes prior, available on my PC or tablet, easily, is one of the main reasons I use Dropbox.


Chrome Beta

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 Chrome Beta is the beta to the highly anticipated “Material design” graphic overhaul for the Chrome browser. There isn’t much different to the typical, glorious browser—just better looking. As this is a beta, it’s expected that there may be technical issues, but I can honestly say that I have not experienced any in the 6-8 weeks I’ve used it.


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 Unfortunately, the Chromecast app won’t do much without the Chromecast itself, but it isn’t terribly exspensive and I can certainly vouch for it being a worthwhile purchase. With the press of a button on any compatible device, you can share Youtube videos, Google Drive files, Images, Chrome tabs or even your whole screen to any TV or monitor that the Chromecast device is plugged into. I find this incredibly useful for all of those reasons, but mostly for viewing Youtube videos on my TV in a native resolution and allowing me to continue browsing Youtbe and queue up videos on my phone whilst it’s playing.


I found it hard to limit this list to just five apps, so stayed tuned for future updates with more of my favourite apps.


Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson
Since my debut as an apprentice greenkeeper (some seven years ago), I have forever been interested in the crossover between our industry and Technology. I try to have at least a brief understanding of most Tech, some more than others. My most knowledgeable aspect would be of mobile and mobile OS. My goal is to enlighten all that care to read, on some fairly simple how to's - to some more advanced stuff for the adventurous. Green keeper at Bonnie Doon Golf Club, Sydney, Australia.