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Application Reviews

Sun Seeker

This app has become a very powerful tool for turf managers to handle one of the most political issues on their property, tree management. This app will provide the superintendent with an objective, factual representation on ho...

Rain Gauge

Collects rain data on your phone! Not your exact site, but close enough using your zip code, Rain Gauge will update frequently to give you up to date rainfall data. It portrays data history in clean and easy to read graphs as w...

Precision Mix Tank

Although designed for the Agricultural industry, this should be an app you keep by your side. There are some features in this app that do pertain to turf and provide a great tool for the turfgrass manager.


This is a great forecasting tool for turf managers. The data provided by this app can mean the difference between finish fertilizing or heading to the shed.


This is a great social media tool and should be used that way. This app can be a powerful business tool for businesses looking to expand their social media and digital presence.

Footpath Route Planner

I believe this app was originally designed as a running route planner, but it works great to measure the length of certain holes from the seat of your cart all by using your finger to draw.

Scanner Pro

This app is really a must have for anyone. With superior character recognition this app literally puts a $1,000 scanner/copier in the palm of your hand. New update with real time border detection has taken this app to the nex...


Dropbox is going to allow you to truly harness the power of your mobile device, regardless of what it is. Have access to your files on demand. With many third party apps now using Dropbox as a backup/sync device, it creates a...


Great Free app for viewing and organizing various documents.  Store, .doc, xls, ppt, pdf and media files.  Drag and Drop interface. Make folders.  Sync to Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive.  Annotate PDFs and listen to media fi...

Google Drive

This has really become a go to app and cloud storage service for those in the turf industry. Turf managers have created simple yet powerful forms to track everything from fertilizer apps, moisture readings to labor dollars. M...