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Looking for something quick?

Chances are, you are operating a Mac desktop if you’re browsing this blog.  Well, if you aren’t already informed, Found has produced a very convenient app for searching your desktop at a quick glance with a double tap of your “control” button.  It will even search cloud accounts such as Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Gmail, which is the main difference between Found and the nice little smiley face in the bottom left of your screen (Finder).  Found has just released an update for OSX Mountain Lion and it is operating very well.  Here are a few screenshots of the app in the store and in use:

I’m sure if you have been a Mac user for a while now, you may be familiar with the Alfred app.  While they are similar, I feel that Found is quicker and less input is needed.  If you have never heard of Alfred, its concept is very similar, but it allows for apps and documents to be opened with keyboard short cuts.  At that length, I may just as well keep that important document or app saved to the home screen.  Here are a few more screen shots of Found:












With just a simple double tap of “control” you can find that lost document with the whole title or just one word!  Just in case you’re already wondering about the iPhone or the iPad, they are working diligently on creating an iOS version!

-Jason VanBuskirk, @uriturf

Jason VanBuskirk

Jason VanBuskirk
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