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Is the Google Chromebook for real?

I’ll start off by stating that this is a post reviewing and comparing Google’s Chromebook to Apple’s iPad. The Chromebook hit the market in June 2011 and it was way overpriced. At $500, the Chromebook was a neat idea but it could only operate online internet browsing and web-based document processing. No Windows software or anything similar. Still a neat idea. Samsung and Acer became its biggest supporters and created the hardware for the operating system. Fast forward to 2013. HP and Lenovo have started creating machines to operate Google’s Chrome OS. The OS is 100% Google Chrome. In fact, it’s look is very similar to a Windows OS. It’s not so much an OS as its just a browser that allows for everything to be operated through Google Chrome. A Google account is needed, but if you are familiar with the latest and greatest that Google has to offer, then this might be your machine. For only $199 (Acer model) and $249 (Samsung model), this “Chromebook” offers quite a bit for the price. If you need a cheap substitute at home or in the shop to browse the web, answer emails, or manage your Google Drive account, then this price tag is a bit more affordable than a base model iPad. However, it does not have many of the same functionalities that an iPad has.

The Chromebook is a laptop, not a tablet. It does not have touch screen technology. The only apps that you can grab for it are in the Chrome store. It does not have the same support that you receive with Apple Care. Unless you are connected to a wifi connection or upgrade to a 3G version for $50, the Chromebook doesn’t really allow for much. Google Drive does allow for offline editing however, and once connected, all changes will be uploaded to your Drive. But, the Chromebook does have some great features for the price. The Chromebook’s wifi connection is fast, it’s battery life is similar to an iPad, and it’s laptop functionality will out compete an iPad because it has a full sized keyboard (unless your iPad has an external keyboard). It’s extremely lightweight. A few days ago, I had the opportunity to play with Samsung’s version for a while. I’m an Apple freak, but I’m also a Google freak (strictly for their online Drive). This machine was neat. It is a very good device and especially good for the price, but…

In conclusion, it was pretty awesome using a device solely dedicated to everything Google, but I would miss may iPad way too much, and in fact, I am still be willing to spend the extra $250 just to have everything an iPad has to offer. Once you go Mac, it’s hard to go back!

Please click here to read a very detailed review from the professionals at TUAW.com if you are not totally convinced.

-Jason VanBuskirk

Jason VanBuskirk

Jason VanBuskirk
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