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Instant Sharing Between Mac and iOS


We are often asked…What’s a good way to get files from my Mac to my iPad or iPhone?

Instashare makes sharing files and photos from a Mac very easy to an iOS device and visa versa.  Photostream is nice and all,  but  you have to open iPhoto to sync the stream.  Documents and most any file type for that matter are easy to transfer to iOS as well.  There is plenty of cloud based services out there to share documents. Dropbox, Box.net, iCloud and the like.  Instashare is just a little easier.  In fact its drop dead simple.

To use Instashare download the iOS and Mac apps.  The desktop app is a Mac only Beta version.  To move files between devices it’s as simple as opening the app on the Mac and any iOS device.  On the Mac just drag and drop the file onto the Instashare app window.  You will then be presented with the available iOS devices.  The same basic process is applied to moving files from iOS to Mac.

Instashare iPad

The only knock, while iOS allows apps to access the camera roll, the same is not the case for documents.  Therefore, documents can only be transferred from Mac to iOS.

A PC version of the desktop app is not available at this time, but apps for Windows and Android are in the works by the developer.

Instashare from TwoManShow

Free- iTunes  A $.99 in app purchase is available for an add free version.
Beta- Instashare for Mac app

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