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Inbox by Gmail: Changing the Way You Email.

Whether you use it for emailing colleagues, sending photos to friends and family or just a means of keeping up-to-date on shopping deals, email has long remained relatively the same.

When Gmail was originally released, well before smartphones and tablets, little did Google realize that the way we used the internet was vastly going to change.

Smartphones changed not only how we use the internet, but the way we live our lives. We’d all like to be able to check emails in a timely, non-obtrusive way, without taking much time away from what we’d rather/should be doing.

With the forever changing landscape of the internet (seemingly more and more to do), Gmail had this idea to create a means of fundamentally doing the same thing, but it a much more productive way.


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‘Inbox by Gmail’ really does change the way you interact with emails—allowing you set reminders as to when you may need to reply, automatically have emails categorized into finance, promos, social and many more. But more importantly, that mystical “zero inbox” is actually something that’s very much achievable—with the ability to dismiss (mark as read) till you’re heart’s content.

The overall aesthetics of the app are very much in line with Google’s ‘Material design‘, which makes for a clean, colorful and orderly experience.

Saying all this, it doesn’t necessarily appeal to everyone’s wants & needs when it comes to an email client. Some might say it’s over simplified and in a way I do agree—to an extant. I have found myself occasionally jumping back over to Gmail to change a setting or editing something, just because it’s easier to do/find.

“The Inbox that works for you”.


Inbox is yet to be released to the public and is still undergoing changes, stress testing and such. The app is available for download on iOS and Goolge Play, but you’ll need an invite to be able to use it.

Fortunately, I have some invites available and would love to hand them out to any who wish to have one. All that is required is that we ask you to share/retweet this post and be sure to get in contact with Turf Republic or Myself on Twitter, Facebook or email.

Also, if you have a favorite email client, we’d like to hear what it is! #whatsonyourturftech




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Andrew Anderson
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