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HeartBleed Bug Complete Resource

If you haven’t been following the news or tech sites, the recent HeartBleed Encryption Bug has been one of the most devastating bugs to come in a very long time.  Why, because it has affected countless sites including shopping sites, cloud storage, online email security.  It has infected these sites and in layman’s terms, grabbed your login and passwords.

We have scoured the net to grab the most complete resource for you to ensure you can make sure you rescue all of the various online accounts you have.  This one is for real….you really need to take a look at these resources.

Mashable – Websites Affected with detailed list and solutions

Here is a quick list of the sites we probably use, but you should review the complete list:
– Facebook
–  Instagram
–  Pinterest
–  Tumblr
–  Twitter (unclear at this point)
–  Google
–  Yahoo
–  Gmail
–  Yahoo Mail
–  GoDaddy
–  TurboTax
–  DropBox

Mashable – Heartbleed: Your Bug Questions, Answered

Some quick important Q&A courtesy of Mashable, but you should read the entire article.

Is it strictly Internet?

When should you change your password?
Most sites have NOT updated their security yet, so changing now is pointless as the bug will grab your new one.  Keep an eye on your list of sites for updates

Is it safe to use the internet?

If you have questions about the Heartbleed virus, hit us up on Tech 911 and we will get your questions answered


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