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Group direct messaging and native video come to Twitter

Last week Twitter rolled out two new services for their native Twitter app for both iOS and Android. Twitter has been historically slow to roll new features out, so was it the overwhelming cries from the public that helped push these forward?

When you think about the best international opportunity, there’s a real opportunity for us when we think about our private messaging to strengthen the core of our Twitter product by making it easier for users to move more fluidly between the public conversation that happens everywhere on Twitter and the private conversation between you and a friend or you and a few friends – Dick Costolo, Twitter’s CEO

Private messaging on twitter between multiple users is a great new addition to twitter. Our networks are now international and if yours isn’t, your WAY behind. Services like iMessage from Apple allowed a free service to communicate with our international networks, but if you weren’t an Apple user, you were out of luck. There is certainly a larger demographic of turf industry using twitter than Facebook to communicate, so this new addition will be welcomed.


Many of us enjoy having a 1080HD camera with us 24/7. Allowing us to capture those moments that in the past were miss. Sharing those short movies on social media was a bit difficult. We were limited to uploading to YouTube or similar service and then sharing links. Facebook would accept video uploads, but again, most in the industry use Twitter to communicate.

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The second service announced by Twitter last week was native video upload. You can now capture video, of any length, on your phone and share with Twitter. This is a great addition. Most of capturing video not worthy of YouTube status now have the options to share. There is one downfall. You still cannot share videos in your photo library. You must shoot the video within the twitter app to have the ability to share.

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