Posted April 11, 2014 by Greensuper in News and Info

Google opening GoogleGlass Program for ONE Day!!!

We have love our pair of GoogleGlass.  Although, not ready to be a tool for turf mangers because of what I believe are major limitations, they are a great conversation starter.  If you have the extra cash laying around and are a techie like us, then I say, why not! Google is improving the Glass experience with the ability to get prescriptive lenses for your pair of Glass.  There are more apps available, although not at the release frequency of other mobile platforms.

For several years, to get your hands on a pair, you have had to apply to the GoogleGlass development program.  If you were approved, you had the opportunity to purchase a pair for $1500.  Well, for exactly ONE day, Google is removing the developer  program requirement and allowing ANYONE to get their hands on a pair of GoogleGlass.  You will still need to fork over the $1500, but you get to bypass having to get approved, which is a difficult process.

The offer to get YOUR very own pari of GoogleGlass begins on April 15th at 6am EDT.  This will be available for ONE day.  You can signup to be notified when the signup goes live HERE.

GoogleGlass Program Reminder Signup

Let us know if you plan on getting a pair of GoogleGlass and you can join the #Glasshole community with the rest of us.  Yes, that is an actual hashtag.  If you want to see what GoogleGlass is all about, check out our Glass at GIS when we partnered with Aquatrols to bring you the Golf Industry Show #throughglass.


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