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Google I/O: What to expect?

Google I/O The Expected Lineup

The 2014 Google I/O Developers Conference is a matter days away and the rumour mill is in full swing as to what we should expect to see unveiled. As we see this back & forth between Apple and Google, it’s good to see what may be the next ‘big thing’ come from either. So, here are a few things we most likely can expect to be announced this Wednesday, from the tech giant.


Like Apple with IOS 8, we tend to see a new mobile operating system unveiled yearly from Google. This year’s iteration from Google is rumoured to be called “Lollipop” (5.0), which sticks with the trend of confectionery named operating systems. There is also speculation that Google will be looking to make all future software updates available through the Google Play Store, rather than software being sent out to individual carriers and the customers having to wait unspecified amounts of time for the carrier to release an update. This in itself would be a welcoming addition to the OS for most, as many are still waiting for last years update, KitKat (4.4) to be released from the carrier to their device. As for the OS itself, not much is known other than it may not be such a big design overhaul and more of a tweak to the UI.

Android Wear

As I had mentioned in the recent feature about Android Wear—we should see a Smartwatch or two unveiled and running on the newly created OS, specifically designed for wearables. The LG G watch and Moto 360 being almost guaranteed to be seen at Google I/O, stand to make vast improvements to the wearables scene.


No doubt that Google Glass will be a part of this year’s I/O, but to what extent? In April, Google held a one day only sale for Glass, which resulted in all available models being sold out rather quickly. We may finally see a date announced for the consumer version to become available also. Recently, Google unveiled the “Glass at Work” program which targets the health profession and their ability to use Glass at work, so maybe some advancement on that front? Personally, I’d like to see a refined design with some spec improvements, but we may be waiting a while for this.

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Google CarPlay

With Apple’s increased involvement in cars and the integration of Apple CarPlay, a simplified version of IOS optimized for use in a car, interest from Google has surely been piqued. Really, as simple as integrating Google Now & Google maps to a car would be enough to outpace Apple and their, slightly less desired navigational apps. Saying that, the continuity through Apple CarPlay and other Apple devices will be an added advantage, surely hard to beat.


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