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Find your iPhone…

The story below documents a situation that happened to me a few weeks ago while traveling. It will also show you the quick and easy method to finding your iPhone, iPad, or Macbook if ever misplaced.

About a month ago, I received a phone call from a past intern (he is now a 2nd Assistant Superintendent at Oakmont) with an invitation to go play Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, PA. Of course I didn’t pass up an opportunity of a lifetime. I boarded my flight from Boston to Pittsburgh on a Monday morning. I had my golf clubs, a backpack full of clothes, electronics chargers, and of course both my iPhone and iPad. We landed in Pittsburgh around 8:20am and by 8:45am we were on route to Oakmont. We boarded the Super Shuttle, so of course this had other passengers headed away from the airport to differing destinations. I eagerly awaited our arrival at Oakmont Country Club, so of course I asked Siri our estimated arrival time to our destination. I was following the map but also kept the phone on the seat between my legs (the trip was over an hour with traffic). We arrived at the club just past 10am. We jumped out of the shuttle, tossed our belongings in the back of my friends cart and headed toward the shop. Upon getting there, he introduced us to the Superintendent and other staff members. He showed us around the maintenance facility and even gave us a quick tour of the pumping station. Before we knew it was 11am. Our agenda read for us to make it the practice facility for 11am as lunch was being served around 11:45am (shotgun start at 12:30pm). So, I’m at the driving range and in awe at the incredible layout. I reach for my iPhone 5s on my belt clip to take a panoramic picture. Belt clip empty. Hang on, the clip is empty?!?! Minor panic sets in. I immediately search all pockets in my pants and golf bag knowing full well that the phone isn’t there. I take a deep breath and figure, oh right, I left it next to the coffee machine in the break room. I quickly jog back over to maintenance to find that my phone isn’t there! Panic is becoming more intense. My brand new iPhone 5s is missing! I run back over to my bag and grab my iPad. I open up the app that I never thought I would have to use for myself, “Find My iPhone“! As the app is quickly searching for the location of my phone, I’m praying that the phone is somewhere on the Oakmont property. Well, it isn’t on the property. It comes back to show me that the phone is at the University of Pittsburgh…

Below you will see a few pictures of what the app looks like when it is launched. 

First, let’s make sure your have “Find my iPhone” turned on in your settings. Go to Settings: iCloud: Find My iPhone or iPad and make sure this button is green or selected on.


Once this button is on, you can now use the app to locate one device from another or locate all of your devices that are online.

Now that you have located your devices, we can continue the story of tracking my iPhone 5s to the University of Pittsburgh. At this point, my hands are shaking and intense panic has set in. I’m actually watching my phone get farther and farther away from me on the map. I decided to put my phone into “Lost” mode. This mode will give me a variety of options. Once entering this mode, I can lock the phone (even though I have the finger print lock turned on), send a message to the phone with a number to reach me, and in the worst case scenario, erase the phone’s contents. I could even turn on email updates so I would receive an email every time my iPhone changed locations.

To continue, I immediately use my friend’s phone to contact the Super Shuttle. After a short conversation and a $40 return fee, Super Shuttle had my phone back to me by 3pm that afternoon. “Find My iPhone” saved the day!

If you have any questions on setting this up on your devices to ensure immediate safety, feel free to visit iTurf Apps Tech 911. Thanks!



Jason VanBuskirk

Jason VanBuskirk
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