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Dolly Drive- Cloud Storage for Time Machine

I was scanning thru all the new Apple, iPad, iPhone wears from Macworld 2011and came across a article about Dolly Drive. After seeing the words “Cloud Storage for Time Machine” I had to read on.

Dolly Drive was debuted at Macworld 2011.  This service offers Cloud Storage backup for MacOSx Time Machine.  Dolly Drive was designed for and is exclusive to Time machine.  The software takes over the management of Time Machine backups.  Dolly Drive one ups the current Time Machine software by providing an Inclusion Assistant to help you decide what files are to be backed up.

In addition Dolly Drive can also create a bootable clone of your hard drive to an external hard drive.  This clone is not stored on the cloud.  So, while having the cloud back up you now also can  have a bootable drive in case of an emergency.

The service is also secure.  Their website states  “By default Dolly Drive authenticates your sessions starting with your credentials. The Dolly Drive app also encrypts all data from the moment you use the app.”

Data Transmission over secure tunnel.
Dolly Drive transmits all data through a secure Tunnel. In simple terms, your data travels from your computer through a virtual “tunnel” across the internet to Dolly Drive’s cloud centers. The data is scrambled during transmission, ensuring that it cannot be viewed or accessed by outside eyes. The entire data transfer is completely safe, so you can feel free to relax when you see Dolly in action. Your data is being sent as safely as possible. (taken from DollyDrive site)
In a couple days I am traveling for 2wks.  I will be attending GIS 2011 and then on to my parents for a week.  So, I thought I would try the service out.  I installed the Doll Drive app on my 2010 MacBook Air.  It took about 20min or so to perform the backup.  I currently have about 60GB on my Air hard drive.  It took about the same time to create the clone drive.  I am going to try the service for at least a month and see how it works,
This service seemed like a perfect fit for any traveler and/or MacBook user.  The freedom to not really have to carry an external hard drive and plug it in for a Time Machine backup.  I use a couple flash drives for extra storage, so I don’t want to carry around a hard drive.  Now anytime I am connected to the internet Dolly Drive can be backing me up. 

Here are the costs

Quick Start

Not sure how much storage you need? 250 gigabytes is perfect for getting started and having plenty of room to grow. Plus we add 5 GBs each month free – the equivalent of 1200 new songs. (Trust us, that’s a lot of storage!). For most people, this will keep you plenty covered.

$10 per month      250Gb + Reward

Custom Choice
Know exactly how much you need? Choose exactly how much storage you know you need.  Add on later if you want.  With 5 GB reward every month, your digital life might get bigger, but your monthly cost shouldn’t.

$5.00 per month      50GB + Reward
$7.50 per month      100GB + Reward


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