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DJI Releases Phantom 3

Another major announcement out of DJI yesterday with the release of the Phantom 3. The release came with some decent upgrades and if you haven’t purchased a drone for your property yet, this version may be worth a look. Several months back, DJI released the Inspire which was clearly marketed and priced towards the professional. The Phantom 3’s price point and features is rip for the turf industry.


Camera Features

DJI Phantom 3 features 2 versions, the advanced and the professional. The difference is the camera available on the device. The professional version packs a 4k video camera at 30fps with ability to shoot 12mp still videos. The camera also has a 94 degree FOV (Field of View) which helps eliminate the distortion you will see when shooting with a GoPro or other type cameras from a drone. What we really like is the aperture, coming in at f/2.8 for better low light quality for shooting earlier at dawn and into dusk.

The advanced version packs the same lens features as the professional but only shoots up to 1080p at 60fps. At this point, viewing devices are sparse for 4k and the amount of memory needed to shoot at 4k is costly. For the 99%, the advanced version camera is plenty.

Advanced Flying Features

The Phantom 3 has three new controllers onboard to assist in flying the drone farther with more accuracy. The main controller has been completely overhauled bringing more intelligence to the entire drone. With GPS and GLONASS you have the ability to track your drone on a map (mobile app required) mark take-off points and fly the drone much more accurately.

The new IMU controller which includes a 6 axis gimbal measures the smallest of changes in the drone giving you a more stable flight but more importantly near motionless hover capabilities.

The new ESCs, electronic speed controllers are constantly communication with the Main controller to provide power adjustments based on feedback from the IMU and your controller input. This level of communication allows for a more stable flight whether you are using gentle inputs for slow pans or fast acceleration.

New Flight Control App

The new flight control app brings several great new features. Overall the app provides better control and flight system readings. FPV is now in full HD as well. Two welcomed new features give you the ability to edit your recored video direction within the app as well as live streaming to YouTube.


This was a great update by DJI really targeting the novice to amateur pilots. Giving you better control equaling better safety this drone will be easier to fly than older versions of the Phantom series. Price points are also in line with what we should expect for this type of technology. The Professional coming in at $1259 and the Advanced slightly lower at $999.

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Let us know if you are buying one of these new drones and as always, safe flying!


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