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Day 2 and Day 3 Recap from #GIS13…

Day 2 was another jam packed day full of classes, networking, and setup. Bill Brown, Bob Porter, and the famous, Mychal Brown, creator of wivesofturf.org, were able to complete most of the setup of the booth with the team from Test Drive Technology. Some of the gadgets over here will keep you entertained for hours. It’s the new driving range net distraction, except it’s not a distraction at all. The team over here will promise to increase your efficiency efforts back at your club with some of the smallest tips available through technology. It really showcases the tools that are available to Superintendents these days and I don’t just mean a new pipe wrench or a sharp set of wire strippers. iPads, iPhones, iPad minis, and pocket projectors are just a few examples and the iTurf Apps team is ready to help answer any questions on the need of, use of, and setup of anything tech related. Although all of us are very much so in love with Apple products, our range of knowledge doesn’t stop there. Make sure to come by and talk!

Day 3 brought the energy. iTurf Apps’s own Bill Brown and Bob Porter were on fire sharing their full knowledge on everything the iPad can do for you. This included flying AR Drones to having a paperless office. There was strong energy at the Test Drive Tech booth on opening day. Partly due to the helicopters flying around, partly due to the amazing free giveaways that were available, but participants really seemed to enjoy themselves and learn a ton! The show floor was also jammed with technology. It’s very much so a reality at this point that technology is really taking a position in our industry. Most of the larger companies such as Rainbird and EZ-GO, just to name a few, had iPads stationed around their booths for showing off products and conducting surveys. Almost every seminar you walk into now holds a large percentage of participants using iPads for notes. Often, much discussion is formed around what are “you” doing with technology in your shop. This was also very apparent when visiting companies such as IPM Golfpro, CourseVision, and iGolf. These companies are taking technology use to the leading edge for Superintendents.

Day 3 ended with a very large and very friendly GCI Tweetup. Thanks to Aquatrols for hosting yesterday’s event and thanks to Pat Jones and the entire GCI team for all of the hard work they put in month after month to bring us one of the best trade publications in the world. The Tweetup is an event that was originated by the Social Media expert/Turf Professor/Turf’s greatest photographer, Dr. John Kaminski 3 years ago. It’s a gathering that allows for professionals to meet face-to-face after a year of talking to each other through 140 characters on their phones. It’s a powerful place to share valuable information and create tremendous friendships. Pat decided last year that it was time to give out awards for various categories voted on by himself and the Dr. We are very fortunate and thankful to announce that we received the Dr. John Kaminski Social Media award. We look forward to Day 4 as it will hold just as much energy and curiosity at the booth. I will be giving a talk on Google Drive at 1:30. We will be continuing to give away great prizes so make sure to come by and check it out! See you there!

-Jason VanBuskirk

Jason VanBuskirk

Jason VanBuskirk
Class A Golf Course Superintendent at Stow Acres Country Club located in Stow, MA. Apple Fanatic and Contributor for iTurf Apps and iTurf Apps Live Podcasts.