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Cloud Storage – Keep the Course on Your Hip

I was a religious Blackberry user for many years.  The device had so many positives, one of the biggest was the use of Documents To Go.  Utilizing my Blackberry, I could create, receive via email, edit and send documents from any where on the course.  This allowed me to quickly review budgets, and other documents and keep moving with my daily tasks.

When the first iphone arrived, it was a game changer, but still lacked a lot of what the Blackberry could do.  With the various revisions to the iPhone, iOS software and the intro of the iPad, the Blackberry is GONE!  Along with these various revisions and upgrades came the release of cloud storage for Apple’s devices. These services allow true mobile computing.

I utilize a few different cloud storage services, but dropbox is my most utilized and best yet, it’s free!  With Dropbox I can “keep the course on my hip.”  I have budgets, employee information, IPM and BMP programs available to me whether I am on my computer, iPhone or iPad.  Not only are these files available for me to view or edit, but with recent ugragdes, I can share these files with fellow coworkers.  iTurfApps utilizes cloud storage as well.  The Bento templates we offer are currently stored on Dropbox.

Here is a great article from MacWorld detailing the use of cloud storage and how to setup many of the features available.  The article discusses many of the services like Dropbox, Sugarsync and Box.net.  By the end of the article you can have your entire course information with you and ready to share.

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding cloud storage.  I use the cloud for much more than course information.  I share family videos, photos and even other file storage.  It is great way to stay mobile and the uses are endless.

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