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Chromecast: Google adds ability to mirror your Android device to any TV.

Firstly, let me establish that I haven’t used Chromecast all that much—I’ve only had one for about a week, but am very much enjoying all of it’s capabilities.

An example as to why most people may be buying the Chromecast would be if you lived in a region that supported Netflix or Hulu—It’s possible to project either app from an IOS or Android device onto the TV, via Chromecast and then use said device as a “remote” to navigate with ease.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury, but still think it’s worth the $49 RRP (AUS). US is $35 through Google. Let me explain why –


Up until a recent update to the Android Chromecast app, you’ve been limited to mirroring tabs from a chrome browser, kind of mirroring your PC screen and also with the support of apps on IOS and Android, project it’s contents.

The latest update allows Android users to project your device to any TV HMDI port, which eliminates the need to wait for apps to individually add support, if at all.

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This new update certainly is good news for the turf industry as Chromecast can be harnessed as a rather productive tool. Imagine this—you’re home after a busy day and are already planning the next. Open any app on your Android device that allows you take notes, like Evernote. Simply take a few notes with as little or much detail as you like. The next day when it comes to handing out morning jobs, launch the Chromecast app and choose the “cast screen” option. Your entire device will be projected onto a selected TV screen, via the Chromecast. You can then jump in and out of any app you like—like the notes you had taken down in Evernote, weather, Google drive.

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It can be as simple as pulling out your Android phone and hitting a button to keep your crew in the know.











As Chromecast development from both a hardware and software standpoint is still very early, I think we can expect some great things to come—as it’s already proving itself to be somewhat worth the price.

I look forward to experimenting with the Google Chromecast some more. Have you been using it at home or maybe in the workplace?

We’d love to hear what your thoughts are!

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Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson
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