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Child-proofing your iOS device…

If you have young kids, then I’m sure you’ve experienced the moment when you open up your iPad after your child has been playing with it, and you’re missing an important app. Yes, you can download the app again for free, but most of the data that was stored in the app is now gone. Well, then there is the suggestion of restoring the iPad from an iCloud backup to retrieve lost data. Seems like a lot of work. Well, you can child-proof your iPad to avoid this exact dilemma. Go into General Settings: Restrictions. Turn Restrictions on and choose a specific passcode that is easy to remember. Once you are in there, disable Deleting Apps. This will prohibit your child from holding down an app icon and deleting the app accidentally. Yes, you will have to go into General Settings: Restrictions to enable Deleting Apps, but it is far better than losing apps or information














Another neat trick is Guided Access. This feature can be found in General Settings: Accessibility. If you turn Guided Access on, then you will have to enter another passcode.

guideGo into an app that you would like or need the person to use. Once in the app, triple tap the home button. The on screen instructions ask you to circle portions of the screen that you would like to make “off limits”. If the  person using your iPad tries to exit the app, they need to enter your passcode. This feature is convenient if you only want your child to use certain features of an app or if you only allow them to use one app at a time. This feature is also convenient in the work environment if your iPad is being used for data entry by multiple people or it is on display showcasing only one particular app for use or instruction.  Notice the gray along the top of the screen prohibits the user from accessing the browser but still use the current page.







Hopefully these tips will help protect your iPad from your curious kids or your curious colleagues!

-Jason VanBuskirk

Jason VanBuskirk

Jason VanBuskirk
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