Providing MORE Than Just Certified Solutions

iTurfApps has been a great ride for myself and the TEAM.  We have enjoyed sharing our resources and knowledge to educate and provide the turf industry’s ONLY certified solutions for your technology questions.  Yes…c...

“Other” Content on iPhone

When I plug in my iPhone to my laptop and view what’s on it through Itunes, what is the ‘Other’ content that’s on my phone mean? How do I manage it? “Other” represents things such as browser ...
How To's

On The Go: Using Google Drive to Assign Tasks

Using Google Drive in the workplace can be extremely powerful and convenient. Outside of controlling a “real-time” operating budget, tracking labor hours, fuel usage, irrigation repair, equipment repair, and product...


Tech 911: Google Forms Notifications

Trying to see if you can help, how do I get an e-mail notification when someone fills in a form and can I add more than one recipient to be contacted? You can easily add notifications to your forms.  You need to go to the form&...

Mountain View: Nokia’s Fabled Android-powered Smartphone

“Mountain View” was rumored to be Nokia’s secret Android-powered smartphone prior to the company’s acquisition. In a 2012 article published on; it revealed that the company was looking for a software engineer for the sa...

iPhone 5S: A Look at a Few Features -Video

iTurf Apps Jason VanBuskirk gives us a look at a few of the more key features of the iPhone 5S. See Also: Apple Announces New iPhones


Tech 911: iPad or Surface and Why?

iPad or Surface and why? I use Microsoft office, especially Excel with macros. Glad to help with this.  From an mobile integration standpoint and having apps available to for your mobile device, an iPad would be the way to go. ...

Apple Announces New iPhones

On Tuesday Apple announced the release of not one , but two new iPhones.  The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are the newest creations from the Cupertino, CA based company. The iPhone 5S is dubbed by Apple as “The Most Forward Th...

Taking advantage of the Zagg warranty

What do you currently use for mobile device screen protection? In this industry, it’s a necessity. The screen is bound to get scratched or damaged being outside in the elements everyday. I chose Zagg a few years because I...

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Sometimes a Hard Reset Does the Trick

I am sure, by now, you are familiar enough with your iPhone or iPad that you have experienced a glitch or two while using your device. Maybe that email wouldn’t send, or after hanging up from a call it thought you were st...