Chromecast: Google adds ability to mirror your Android device to any TV.

Firstly, let me establish that I haven’t used Chromecast all that much—I’ve only had one for about a week, but am very much enjoying all of it’s capabilities. An example as to why most people may be buying the...
How To's

Removing Scratches from Devices

We spend lots of hard earned money on our mobile devices. What once was kept in our pocket until we heard it ring, is now an integral part of our operation.  As much as we use these devices and the environment we use them in, t...

Wearable Tech : Smartwatches

Wearables for the Turf Industry Earlier in the year, we featured an article about the Pebble Smartwatch and what this handy little gadget meant for the industry. Several months have passed and we now have a new iteration to the...


iOS 8 Brings Key Features for the Turf Industry

Yesterday, Tim Cook and Greg Federighi took to the stage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco to introduce the next big thing.  Touted as “If you own an Apple device, today changes everything.”  Traveling the worl...

Solutions: Dealing with iPhone Battery Drain

The team at iTurfapps provides some quick solutions to help maintain better battery life on your iPhone. Need help with other technology issues reach out on our Tech 911.

Pebble Smartwatch

The Smartwatch market is a very HOT topic these days. With manufacturers like Sony, FitBit, Samsung and Martian throwing their hats in the ring. Probably, the first and most popular brand is Pebble. Pebble is the perfect Turf M...


Apps to Create Efficiencies

The TEAM at iTurfapps had the honor of presenting at this years Mississippi State Turfgrass Conference.  In the spirit of technology the talk was provided via video chat.  Using various technologies the TEAM was able to demonst...
Cloud Storage

Creating a Digital Job Board: Part 2

iTurfApps Jason VanBuskirk has become a Google Drive Wiz Kid!  In Part 2 of this 3 part series Jason walks you through his job board.  How he uses it, how his employees use it and how he can update it from anywhere in the world...
Cloud Storage

Google Drive: Creating a Digital Job Board

iTurfApps Jason VanBuskirk has become a Google Drive Wiz Kid!  In this 3 part series Jason is going to walk you through creating a very simple digital job board for your course or operation.  In part one Jason walks you through...


Top Cases from Incase™ to Protect Your iPad

Check out our post announcing our program to receive a 30% discount on ANY iPad or iPad Mini case by Incase.  Not sure what case will work best for you?  Below is a video review of 8 of the top cases from Incase for both iPad a...