taskTracker get mobile update

TaskTracker the industry leading digital job board has received some new updates. Now full featured mobile version of the original taskTracker, and to keep it simple there is nothing to download or install. You already have it ...

Big updates for Coverage System application

On the eve of the Golf Industry Show, the Coverage System application has seen some major updates! Check out the video above which discusses all the updates and new features. Be sure to stop by and see Playbooks for Golf at boo...


One of the most comprehensive grounds management programs in the market. Manage your budget, staff, equipment, risk, IPM and BMP practices all from this app. The visual work orders are also a bonus to using this application.


Inbox by Gmail: Changing the Way You Email.

Whether you use it for emailing colleagues, sending photos to friends and family or just a means of keeping up-to-date on shopping deals, email has long remained relatively the same. When Gmail was originally released, well bef...
Industry Technology

Tech 911: Best Drone

We are doing a renovation next summer and have been approved for purchase of a camera for time lapse video and a drone to do flyovers.  Any suggestions on cameras and drones for $2000 or less? Answer: DJI is actually offering s...

Google Drive Adds More Functionality

Google Drive has become a staple for many turf managers. The ability to have access on the go and to share with permissions is a big reason why. The release of iOS 8 brought about Extensibility, which provides developers the ab...


What’s On Your Tech?

Here at iTurfApps, we’d like to know what sort technology you use on a daily basis. So, I wanted to explore this little thing called “What’s on your tech?”. With the goal of not only sharing what sort of...

What is Draining Your Battery?

One of the best new features of iOS 8 is the ability to see how apps are utilizing your battery. Users have the ability to see what apps are being battery hogs and quickly change the settings for those apps or the iPhone or iPa...

My Top 5 Android Apps.

The following is a list of the top five apps that I use the most everyday. Now, these may not be the highest rated or most downloaded apps, but they’re the ones that I find to be the most productive for what I want done. ...


Why I prefer Android, for now.

I haven’t always preferred Android, in fact it’s only a recently new found love. So, let me establish that this isn’t an Apple bashing post, rather a realisation that I’d like to share with you. When I f...