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Blogging Tools

Last Friday we hosted our very first Google+ hangout.  Very exciting we have a platform like this to communicate with each other!  One of the topics that came about was blogging.  Below is an article from MacWorld on mobile blogging tools for iOS.  Sorry guys will need an iPhone or iPad to utilize any of these tools.

My opinion of these apps is BlogPress is the best and the paid version is the way to go.  I have all my blogs hosted on WordPress.  The WordPress iPad app has little to be desired.  Who would have thought such a nice computer blogging platform would have such a terrible mobile iOS app.  The paid version of BlogPress is key , because it allows me to import my WordPress blogs into the Blogger app.  Writing is easy, inserting pictures and media couldn’t be easier.  You can create links, edit previous posts and answer comments.  The interface is smooth and appealing as well.

Check out the BlogPress App here.

Mobile Blogging Tools


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