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Big updates for Coverage System application

On the eve of the Golf Industry Show, the Coverage System application has seen some major updates! Check out the video above which discusses all the updates and new features. Be sure to stop by and see Playbooks for Golf at booth 4816 at the Golf Industry Show.

Check out: Coverage System in the iTurf Apps Market

The iTurf Apps team will also be featuring the Coverage System application at the Golf Industry Show. Stop by Tech Tips on the Half at 9:30am on Wednesday as Bill Brown, CGCS will showcase the latest and greatest applications. If you are looking to sign up for some education, Bill Brown, CGCS and Bob Porter have a 4 hour workshop on Tuesday morning 8am to noon, titled Take it Outside: Steps to become a mobile superintendent.

Coverage System Updates

DESKTOP DASHBOARD – 30-day calendar with all your logs. Every button in the software available on one screen. Click on the calendar to load that application record in a new window.

PRINT ON ONE PAGE – By default the system now formats your application log data to print on one page every time, no matter how many products. This makes hard-copy records very easy to organize and print. Each product is also numbered since they are in 3 rows now so your staff still know the loading order.

DRAG & DROP PRODUCTS – On the Application Log, you can now drag and drop the entire section on a certain product to change its order in the list of products. You can also delete a specific product in its order on the log, making adjusting the loading order very easy even on cloned logs.

PRODUCT SEARCH ON LOG – Don’t know the Company for a product on your log? No problem, just click the new blue magnifying glass icon to the right of each product, type the first few letters of your product name and hit Search. Then click on that product and it will automatically insert that Company, Product and available rates into your log.

FILTER PRODUCT LIST BY INVENTORY – If you would only like to select from products you have in your inventory, check the new “only show products in my inventory” box and the log will filter the database to just your products in inventory.

AUTOMATED & CUSTOMIZABLE TARGET PESTS – You’ll notice that the Target Pest field on your log is now a drop down list. This is a default list we have provided to each client as a starting point. Simply email Matt if you’d like to add/delete any target pest in the list custom to your course. With this new feature, you’ll be able to save time filling out logs, plus be able to filter any data in the system by the exact target pest. This is a multiple choice list so it’s easy to select more than one pest at a time.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT / FRAC GROUPS – This new feature will allow you to filter and export any data in the system by AI or FRAC Group. From labels to records to exporting data, it will be very easy to see how much of products you have used containing these 2 important filters. Please note – while this feature is now live, we have to build up the database of products and enter their AI/FRAC, which will be happening this spring. As of right now, very few products have this data available, but we will be working to get it working and you’ll see products begin to contain this information.

INVENTORY/COST DATA ENTRY COMBINED – You can now enter inventory totals and CPUs for products at the same time under the Inventory page. This will sync up with existing CPUs as well and cross-reference between both pages.

INVENTORY BY PRODUCT TYPE – Filter your inventory by any product category, so if you’d like to look at all fungicides you have in stock, just select fungicides from the filter field at the top of the page.

INVENTORY EXPORT DATA REPORT – We have added a new report in the Export Data section for Inventory. This will show your total for each product in inventory, their cash value and then the total cash value of all products in your inventory. You can then export and send to your controller.

NUTRIENTS YEARLY TOTALS ON EXPORT REPORT – We have added a new field for each area of application in this report showing your yearly totals of nutrients in a red bar.


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