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Bento Feature Update

A little follow up to Bill’s previous post.  Filemaker has made some really nice upgrades to the New Bento 4 for Mac.  The update costs $29. Requires a previous version of Bento running on your mac.

What’s New!

  • Label Printing– You can now print mailing labels, name badges, and more..

– Support 250 Avery and Dymo Labels

– Create Custom Labels

– Add static pictures and text to stay with the same labels

– Share your custom labels and more


  • Form Printing OptionsGet more control out of your output with new printing options that make invoices, sales, orders, and other forms look much more attractive.


  • Export Templates with Data- Now you can export your actual data along with your Bento templates to share pre-populated databases with other Bento users.

I really like this new feature.  I have been sharing Bento templates with several people lately.  I used to always need to remember to export the template and the data in a spreadsheet form.  Now this is done for me.  Yeah!


  • Grab and Store Location Data- Track the location where information was entered or modified with the New location field type.  This feature is incredibly useful for field researchers, survey takers, real estate, and mobile salespeople.


  • Easy Data Searching- Use the new date searching options to create Smart Collections for time-sensitive information automatically.  Now you can track and prioritize your projects, schedule and to-do list more efficiently than ever!


  • Spreadsheet-Like Simple Lists- Simple Lists are great way to add free-form text lists to any record.  Now Simple Lists have more spreadsheet-like features, including calculations and a summary row- so it’s like having a “mini-spreadsheet” on your form.

This Simple Lists update is another one of my favorites.  I just re-made my weather template for the golf course.  I filled it with Simple Lists for things like Air Temp, Soil Moisture, Soil Temps, etc.

The Simple Lists feature was also something missing from the iPhone and iPad apps.  NOW you can sync to the mobile apps and the Simple Lists work great!


  • Posting Templates Directly to the Bento Template Exchange- Now if you have a unique Bento template you can share it with the world.  Just a few simple clicks will send it to the Template Exchange site.  Currently there is something like 700 FREE Bento Templates from all over the world in the exchange.


  • Locking Forms- Now you can lock forms. Once you have taken the time to design your own custom form you can now lock it to prevent unwanted changes.


  • Faster and Easier-Numerous enhancements to Table view, Form view, and performance help you get things done faster and minimize tedious tasks.


  • Bento for iPhone and iPad have also been updated as well. Check out the iTunes app store for the recent Bento mobile updates.  They are FREE updates.


Bob Porter

Bob Porter
Class A Golf Course Superintendent