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Supports all versions of Microsoft Office documents Provides an intuitive interface for creating and/or editing Office documents. Integrates seamlessly with many cloud services.



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Quickoffice is currently the BEST application to view/create edit Microsoft Office documents and PDFs. No need to worry about complex Excel files, Quickoffice has the power to handle these. Stay in the field longer and out of the office. Using Quickoffice will allow you to complete your office work right from your smartphone or tablet. Great integration with cloud services to allow you to stay mobile.

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QuickOffice has recently become the #1 mobile office suite. This app allows you to ditch your laptop when viewing, editing and/or creating ALL Microsoft Office documents. QuickOffice will even view PDF files. If you store your files on a cloud storage service QuickOffice will connect and provide you access to these files. Use a specific file often, save it locally to your device for offline viewing. QuickOffice even handles complex Excel spreadsheets and workbooks and in the newest release, will allow you to track comments and changes.

QuickOffice is the best app on the market for viewing, creating and/or editing Word, Excel or Powerpoint files. Many companies turn to Excel for their financials and other important operation’s documents. This can lead to complicated spreadsheets and workbooks. QuickOffice handles these complicated files extremely well allowing you to edit these types of files directly on your mobile device. The intuitiveness of the application puts QuickOffice above other mobile Office applications. Menus are visible and document formatting is easy to complete. Other mobile Office suites are cumbersome and slow because they are unable to handle the more complicated Office files. Having QuickOffice connected to my online cloud storage is key as I am able to receive a document via email, open in QuickOffice, make my changes and save to my Dropbox.

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Jason VanBuskirk

Jason VanBuskirk
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