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Intuitive design to find quick solutions. Desirable species tolerance. Cool and warm season control options. Extensive database


Requires internet connection to use app.

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This is a great app for the turf manager tool belt. It is provides a great resource to quickly determine solutions in the field for your weed management. The desirable species tolerance is a great addition to the app to help assist in determining your herbicide of choice. The intuitive design of the app allows for quick navigation and solution finding.

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Mobile Weed Manual is an application designed for golf course superintendents, landscape managers, sports turf managers or just the home lawn enthusiasts to assist in selecting herbicides for weed management.  This app consists of both cool and warm season control options, but even takes things one step further. Mobile Weed Manual will provide the user tolerance levels for over 2300 species.

Mobile Weed Manual allows a user to search by herbicide (pre and post emergence), weed species or desirable species.  The intuitive design of the app allows a user to quickly drill down through the options to find your answers.  Herbicide options that are outputted for control are color coded from green, yellow to red to show the tolerance level of the desired species.  Herbicide options provide links to both label and MSDS sheets.

Featured Highlights:
–  App can be used by professionals and the weekend lawn warrior.
–  Intuitive design allows quick navigation to find solutions.
–  One of the only Apps to feature both cool and warm season options as well as desirable species list.
–  Search by either herbicide, weed or desirable species.
–  Quick access to most up-to-date MSDS and label for selected herbicides.
–  Color coding system to quickly determine tolerance for desirable species.

Mobile Weed Manual is a web-based app and can be accessed – HERE


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