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Quick and efficient user interface. Data logging. Customize VR ratings for specific turf type.


Can't update timezone in app. Log on phone isn't easiest to read.

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This is a great app to add to the turf managers tool belts. Providing a quick snapshot of your current turf’s health based on your standards is key. Our eyes cannot pick up subtle changes in turf color or quality but utilizing the latest technology, this app can. Using the export feature of this app can provide you better insights as to how your turf performs after fertilizer and growth regulation apps, weather inversions or even just golf play.

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The GreenIndex+ Turf app could not provide an easier way to provide insights into your turf’s health.  The app determines the DGCI (Dark Green Color Index) of the specific turf area you are measuring with the application.  Along with a DGCI output (number between 0 and 1) the application provides a Visual Rating number between 1 and 9.  The Visual Rating number system is in line with a sytem turf managers are all familiar with, the NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) rating system.  GreenIndex+ Turf allows you to customize the output to your specific Visual Rating system.

Using the GreenIndex+ Turf app is simple and easy.  Using the required target board with the specific green and yellow standards, you can determine your VR by simply taking a picture of your turf with your iPhone.  Each sample is georeferenced and time stamped so there is little additional data you need to record manually.  Users can easily take individual samples or with a quick setting change, create a composite sample outputting an average.

The app provides a quick export feature via email or view the log directly from inside the app.  Exporting via emails allows users to open the file with any spreadsheet type program like Excel, Numbers or Google Spreadsheets.

Important – Like other measuring tools, there is no number that is right or wrong for you.  We found that it is important to evaluate the delta or changes in VR readings rather than individual numbers themselves.  An 8 on one property is not an 8 on another.

* Fast, efficient way to provide an overall evaluation of your turf performance.
* Outputs data quickly to spreasheet program like Excel or Pages for further evaluation.
* App automatically georeferences and timestamps each sample.
* Customize YOUR Visual Rating to fit your standards.
* Sun angle, shade, time of day or year doesn’t matter, output is not affected.

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