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15 Gigs of FREE storage. Integrated Office Suite eliminates the need for third part apps. Easily share files with others. Easily embed documents into blogs or websites.


Limited on the ability to be used with third party apps to store files.

Bottom Line

This has really become a go to app and cloud storage service for those in the turf industry. Turf managers have created simple yet powerful forms to track everything from fertilizer apps, moisture readings to labor dollars. Many B2B companies have turned to Google Drive system to take their businesses to the cloud. Using the sharing/collaboration tools employees can become more efficient using their mobile devices.

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This is obviously a shortcut to your Google Drive, but it is essential for managing your documents. Although it cannot do everything a desktop can handle, it is very convenient to have all data on hand in your mobile device.

What Google Drive can do:
Google Drive is a cloud storage service but differs from Dropbox.  Google Drive integrates their office suite of Docs, Sheets and Presentations into their storage service which allows you to view, create and/or edit files directly from the cloud; third party apps are not necessary.  Google Drive’s office suite can be used within the app on any mobile device, on a desktop browser or even on a mobile devices browser.  Besides storing your files, Google Drive will allow you to share your files with others for collaboration.  With a whopping 15 Gigs of FREE storage, Google Drive is quickly catching other cloud storage services.

Highlights of Google Drive Storage
– Quickly create documents for sharing and collaboration
– 15 Gigs of FREE storage
– NO third party applications required to view, create/edit documents in Google Drive.  Google integrates an office suite of programs into the storage.
– Forms allows you to create powerful tools for your business or operation.


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Jason VanBuskirk

Jason VanBuskirk
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