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Easy setup. 2 Gigs FREE. Not specific to platform or device. Easy sharing of folders with other users. Integrates with third part mobile apps to sync and back up preferences of mobile apps


Power users of Dropbox will have to fork out $9.99 for additional storage.

Bottom Line

Dropbox is going to allow you to truly harness the power of your mobile device, regardless of what it is. Have access to your files on demand. With many third party apps now using Dropbox as a backup/sync device, it creates a security blanket for your mobile applications.

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Never have to put off reviewing or editing another document or picture again.  In our opinion, DropBox offers the number one FREE platform for cloud storage.  DropBox offers one of the most diverse sync services on the App Store.  Keep all your files with you and backup your most important applications.  DropBox is a free service with storage up to 2 Gigs.  Increased storage options can be purchased for as little as $9.99 per month.
– 2 Gigs of FREE storage
– Access files on mobile device, desktop or even web applications
– Share files quickly and securely using their sharing feature
– Use Dropbox to store all your digital photos for quick access
– View files, photos and videos directly in Dropbox with no third party app required.

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Bob Porter

Bob Porter
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