The TOP Technology Resource for the Turfgrass Industry


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Tillers Turf Selector

Turf Selector from Tiller Turf allows you to select the right turfgrass for almost any situation.  Select for Golf Course, Landscaping, Sport Turf and Wildflower environments.  When selecting a specific area, Turf Selector will...

Tillers Turf Calculator

Great application to use to quickly calculate the amount of sod needed. Lets you automatically add 5% for waste. Quick access to contact vendor to place order.

Turfgrass Management Quiz

Have some time during a rain delay or frost delay? Turfgrass Management Quiz by University of Georgia is a fun and educational way to test your knowledge or your staff’s knowledge. There are three different levels; studen...


This is a good iPhone and Android app to see the latest information from GCSAA and GCSAA TV. Read the latest from GCM and follow tweets from GCSAA

APVMA – Australia Pesticides and Vet Medicine Authority

This is a MUST have app for turf managers in Australia. With as technical and regulated industry we work in, having access to product labels and permits in the palm of your hand creates efficiencies and ensures compliance.

Mobile Weed Manual

This is a great app for the turf manager tool belt. It is provides a great resource to quickly determine solutions in the field for your weed management. The desirable species tolerance is a great addition to the app to help ...

PSU Turf

This is a must have app for any PSU Turfgrass student or Alumni. This provides a one-stop-shop for everything happening in the PSU Turf program as well as local and national turfgrass conferences.


If you are managing turf, this is a MUST have app for you....PERIOD! Turfpath will bring a world wide network of turf professionals to the palm of your hand.

Precision Mix Tank

Although designed for the Agricultural industry, this should be an app you keep by your side. There are some features in this app that do pertain to turf and provide a great tool for the turfgrass manager.


This is a great social media tool and should be used that way. This app can be a powerful business tool for businesses looking to expand their social media and digital presence.