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Apple Announces New iPhones

On Tuesday Apple announced the release of not one , but two new iPhones.  The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are the newest creations from the Cupertino, CA based company.

The iPhone 5S is dubbed by Apple as “The Most Forward Thinking Smartphone in the World”.  This designation comes mostly from some of the components that are built into the new device.  Things like an fingerprint identity sensor, 64-bit architecture, and the M7 coprocessor, which are all new items for the iPhone 5S.  It is widely speculated Apple has added these new items to the 5S to start creating a roadmap for their future devices and systems. The 5S comes in 3 colors space grey, gold, and white.

The iPhone 5C “For the Colorful”.  The 5C features five different colorful plastic backs.  This version of the iPhone is basically the original iPhone 5 with all new back cases.  The available colors are green, blue, yellow, red and white.  There is also six new colorful cases to complement this new design.

Apple also announced with the purchase of one of their new iPhones 5’s you will receive the iWork suite of apps for FREE!  This includes Numbers, Pages, and Keynote.  Also FREE is iPhoto and iMovie. Previously, each of these apps would have cost $4.99 ea.

Pre-Orders for the iPhone 5C start Sept 13th.  The iPhone 5S can be purchased beginning Sept 20th.


iPhone 5S 16GB$199/$649

iPhone 5S 32GB$299/$749

iPhone 5S 64GB$399/$849

iPhone 5C 16GB$99/$549

iPhone 5C 32GB$199/$649


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